Ministry Style


Our worship style strives to be authentic, relational, meaningful and centred upon God through Word and Sacrament. The ideal would be to be able to include contemplative, charismatic, traditional, sacramental and Bible centred elements in every worship. Order but freedom. We currently have open sharing, questions and answers following our message so that we are highly interactive.


Personal and intimate – conversational. Preaching and teaching is accompanied with Q&A in most settings. Teaching through discipleship, mentoring and apprenticeship in the Christian life is key. Both formal and informal opportunities should be provided. Worship services are more formal while small groups are more informal.


Eldership based. A consultative hierarchy is be headed by a lead pastor and includes an eldership to form a dynamic partnership of clergy and laity. The leadership is a team. This will be facilitated by a balance between formal and informal gatherings. Mutual accountability among leaders is essential. A culture of empowerment rather than a culture of control is to be nurtured.


Multiple Discipleship Groups lead by different pastors/elders. Groups gather for ministry and worship services together. In the future we may have multiple churches with multiple small groups share resources and ministry opportunities.

Every member understands that together we are the church and that every Christian is an ambassador of the gospel within their sphere of influence. Also, every member takes responsibility for the functions of the church in order to train, empower and teach others to be disciples of Jesus.


People reach people. We are for substance over image. We focus on discipleship and not only conversion. We will equip Christians for evangelism through discipling. Our worship services are oriented for believers but sensitive to seekers. Discovery Groups are designed for believers to bring their friends or family to an open discussion atmosphere. We also believe in evangelism through church planting. Christians should live fully integrated lives that are innately evangelistic. We gravitated toward an intimate long term spiritual journey together rather than singular events.