The Christian life is about knowing and following Jesus as his disciples. At Faith community Christian church we take “Go and make disciples” as Jesus’ invitation to participate in the Kingdom of God and live full to the fullest. To help keep us on this track we have a number of ministries that are ongoing. These ongoing ministries are listed below while seasonal ministries such as sports events or retreats are not. If you are interested in any of the ministries below, simply contact the pastoral team. Join us!

Core Discipleship / Discovering the Christian Faith

This is a 11 part discipleship that is for anyone who wants to grow deeper in their understanding of the Christian faith and is for people of any degree of faith.  Everyone is welcome no matter where they are on their journey of life and faith.  It is run seasonally as needed, so if this is something that interests you, please contact the pastoral team. Topics covered in the 11 weeks are:

  1. What is Christianity?
  2. What We Believe
  3. The Bible
  4. The History of Christianity
  5. The Mission of God
  6. The Church
  7. Prayer
  8. Christian Living: Money
  9. Christian Living: Sex
  10. Christian Living: Power
  11. Life in the Spirit

Home Groups

We gather together weekly to learn from the Bible, share with each other our thoughts and life stories and to pray. This is a fundamental ministry to our church community that has both a learning and relational components. These groups are a great place to get to know people and begin living your life in community.  There are currently several groups in and around the Vancouver area. If you are interested, please contact our pastoral team. We encourage participants to be committed to relating to others and bring a desire to learn (ask lots of questions!). This is an ongoing ministry and is open to church members.

Covenant Groups

Covenant groups are unique small groups of 3-5 people who gather to share and pray. Their purpose is to develop spiritual friendships where each person can become more attentive to how God works in their life. There are men and women’s covenant groups that are separate. These groups depend on self-initiation of members but are supported by the pastoral team. If you would like to start or join a team, talk to a pastor.

Pastoral Counsel

Our pastors are available to help if you are facing a matter of discernment or need and are well-versed in the areas of general spiritual conversation, relationships, prayer and couples counseling (pre-marital & marriage). This can be done at a cafe or in a private setting depending on the need. All such conversation are confidential. This is a ministry that is available to everyone.