Ministries and resources you can enjoy browsing and surfing for your
edification. Just Click the titles to get to their sites!


Compassion Canada
Compassion is a leading child development organization.  They are known for their child-centred sponsorship approach and a number of people in our church sponsor children through them.  They do much more than this though!

Church for Vancouver
This is a fantastic website run by Flyn Ritchie who posts up all relevant information about what the Church at large is doing in Metro Vancouver. This site will keep your finger on the pulse of what the Church is up to in our city.

Cross Cultural Impact for the 21st Century
This is the website of our friend Mark Naylor who we talk about in our Missional Life module.  This site has numerous articles on what it means for us to share the gospel in our multi-ethnic context and is very relevant to our own approach to living the missional life.  Highly recommended!

Focus on the Family
This site is full of great resources on family & parenting. It has plenty of great articles and lists marriage and family building events. One interesting section reviews music and movies from a Christian perspective so that you can make informed decisions as to what you and you children will be exposed to.  We do understand that there are concerns about this organization’s reputation but we trust your ability to be discerning!

International China Concern
Started in 1993, ICC has been devoted to the abandoned and disabled children of China. The have done much to reach and provide real care for children who have been left to die or fend for themselves.  We encourage you to learn from them, explore supporting and even join them in their endeavors.

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (Canada)
IVCF is a respected ministry devoted to discipleship and missional life on university and college campuses but they also do much more.  Check them out!

Living Waters
Living Waters is a community-based, Christ-centred discipleship ministry that deals specifically with relational and sexual brokenness openly in a safe environment.

Connected to the Power to Change ministry, this page is for College/University students who want to explore a life of faith.

The Navigators have a long history of a commitment to discipleship. Check out the great tools on this site.  They also have a specific Canadian site if you would like to see their work in Canada at

Power to Change
P2C is committed to the proclamation of the Gospel throughout our society whether on campus or in the workplace.  This site communicates down to earth Christian message to everyone.

Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries
Sanctuary is a ministry that helps churches to gain an awareness of mental health issues and to develop as caring communities that can support families and individuals dealing with mental illness.

Servants Anonymous Foundation
The SA Foundation initiates the development of programs and services for young women between the ages of 16 and 29, who have been or are at risk of becoming sexually exploited and/or trafficked. It is one of few organizations internationally that offers a comprehensive and uniquely designed long-term recovery program for these young women, including those that are pregnant and/or have children.

SOMA Counselling
Soma is an affiliated group of diverse, certified, and professionally trained therapists who are passionate about providing counselling services that integrate psychological theory with Christian spirituality.  They offer a wide range of confidential counselling services for individuals, couples, children, and families, regardless of a client’s affiliation or background.  They also emphasize the role of the church community inhe life a a person and their mental health.  Ed Ng, who was one of our pastors, now serves as the director of counselling services at SOMA.

Soulstream is a group dedicated to pursuing a deeper life with God and offers spiritual direction as well as courses for those who would like to learn more about contemplative spirituality and spiritual direction.  Our church community highly recommends spiritual direction to all and our pastors have spiritual directors.

Vancouver Consultation
The Vancouver Consultation is engaged in an endeavor to connect all the churches in Vancouver as a witness to the city.  It consults with diverse CHristians in the city and asks what signs of hope we see that God is at work and then showcases them so we can all learn and celebrate together as Christians.  It also asks what we see as the greatest challenges in our city and networks believers who are called to address those concerns.  Pastor Ted serves as one of the core team members of the consultation.


It’s always good to have friends. Here are some local communities in the Lower Mainland with whom we share and affinity in terms of mission and vision. We are all from different denominations but united in our common desire to glorify God and make him known.

Resonance is a church led by pastors Sam Choy and Khay Meng See in North East Richmond.

The Tapestry
The Tap, as it is affectionately called, is a church in West Richmond. Al Chu is the pastor there.

Faithwerks is located in the Marpole area and is led by Nick Suen.

Urban Village
UV is in East Vancouver and is pastored by Daniel Louie.


Links to helpful tools. 

Bible Gateway
Don’t have a Bible on hand to read? Want to know what that passage says in a different version? How about Arabic or Russian or Tagalog or Chinese for your friend to read? Bible Gateway is the one place to go for all your electronic bible needs. It has over 20 versions of the English Bible and a great search engine to boot (verses, key words, topics)!

Christianity Today
If you are looking for something to read, this site has many great articles. Publishers of some of the major Christian magazines this site is chalk full of ideas.
This is a great online tool to help you memorize Bible verses!

Covenant Eyes
Let’s face it, with the internet explosion, explicitly sexual content has become readily accessible. As one person puts it, “You no longer have to go out to get that stuff. With the internet, it comes looking for you.” Covenant eyes is a software program that allows a system of accountability to be established so that we might help and encourage each other. It simply provides a report of the sites one visits to a trusted confidante. This resource also provides a filter program to keep questionable sites form popping up. It can be used to protect all the computers in your family. Our Pastors and Elders use this
accountability resource.

Genogram Tool
Great tool for putting together your genogram. Use Internet Explorer as the site doesn’t seem to support other browsers. Can be used to print and save information. We use this online program to explore our family backgrounds in our Emotionally Healthy Church module.

Rivendell Retreat Centre
Located on Bowen island, this is one of the best quiet retreat centres around. Highly recommended for personal or small group retreats.

F3C Google Group