Missional Life Module

The Missional Life Module is the third installment in the core discipleship material of Faith
Community Christian Church focuses on the essential importance of making disciples for Christ as a part of the core identity of being a Christian.

Weekly Agenda

  • Teaching/Dialogue
  • Accountability, Sharing & Prayer


Every participant is committed to:

  • Attending the sessions.
  • Arriving on time.
  • Interacting with others and developing deeper relationships.
  • Cultivating their spiritual life through reading the Bible and prayer.
  • Confidentiality in whatever is said within their group when it is so indicated. If unsure, ask.

What to Bring

  • A Bible
  • A Journal
  • A Pen or Pencil

Module Outline

Session 1: What does it mean to live a Missional Life?

Concepts: Missional Living, Incarnational Living, Proclamation & Praxis, Christianity as Core Identity Evangelism as a Lifestyle

Exercise: Name 5-10 non-Christians in your immediate sphere of influence.
Pray for them consistently starting this week. Start looking at taking initiative in knowing them.

Session 2: Process

Concept: Discipleship is a movement and direction.

Exercise: In the lives of the 5-10 people you have listed, rate their position.

Session 3: Initiative

Concept: Relationships, Courage, The Art of Conversation and Caring

Exercise: Doing a survey with your friends

Session 4: Apologetics 1

Concepts: What is Apologetics?, Areas of Questioning, Apologetics builds out own faith and understanding

Exercise: Prepare a list of questions from survey. Prepare a response to a particular question using resources available to you.

Session 5: Apologetics 2

Concepts: Theodicy – The Problem of Evil

Exercise: Continue Praying for selves and others.

Session 6: Apologetics 3

Concepts: Meaning – Afterlife, Comparative Religions and Philosophies

Exercise: Continued Prayer

Session 7: Apologetics 4

Concepts: Free for All!

Exercise: Continued Prayer

Session 8: Harvesting

Concept: There are many ways to lead a person who is ready – 4 Spiritual Laws, The Bridge, EE. The Essentials

Exercise: Prepare a presentation/visitation with a friend.

Session 9: Discipleship

Concept: Finish what you started, keep engaging, help others to grow as you grow.

Exercise: Look back over the names you wrote down. Has there been any change in them or in you?

Session 10: Wrap Up